Garden - Nature

The large garden offers different scenes : mixed borders with roses, an olive-yard with lavender, an orchard, a wooded part, and a wealth of flowers and butterflies everywhere.

Nature :

Southern scenery with vineyards and "garrigue" : lightly wooded hills with persistent green oaks and cypresses, almond and figtrees, thyme, lavender and rosemary, santoline and mimosa.

In spring plenty of sun-roses and different kinds of wild orchids.

According to the season : blackberries, figs, grapes, chestnuts, hazelnuts, arbouses, almonds and olives.

Wild life :

Short-toed eagle, raven, nightingale, golden oriole, hoopoe, bee-eater.

Lizards, spotted salamander, tree-frog.

Badger, rabbit, wild-boar, partridge.

Swallow-tail and pintail butterfly, stag-beetle, praying mantis.

And many many more...